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Rodrigo Fuenzalida
Rodrigo Fuenzalida
Managing Director
Fuenzalida Mujica Binswanger

As General Manager of Fuenzalida Mujica Binswangers in Chile, Mr. Fuenzalida has participated in the development of more than 270 real estate projects, such as the Panorámico Building, Pueblo del Inglés, Studio I, II and III Buildings, Galaxy Center, and Casa Grande Condominiums.  In addition, he has aided in numerous city planning project developments in Santiago and other regions of the country.

Mr. Fuenzalida began his career with Fuenzalida Desarrollos Inmobiliarios in 1980 as a Sales Manager. Two years later he was promoted to General Manager; a position he has held since.

Mr. Fuenzalida has also served as a member of numerous Directory Boards, including Director of the Market Research Department, Asociación de Corredores de Propiedades, ACOP (Chilean Association of Real Estate Brokers) (1974 – 1979); Cámara Chilena de la Construcción (Chilean Chamber of Construction) (1989); National Counsel of the Chilean Chamber of Construction (1990 – 1991); and President of the Chamber of the Real Estate Association of Peñalolen’s Community Development (1994).  He also performed as a Real Estate Marketing Professor at the Real Estate Management Professorship at Chilean Catholic University.

Mr. Fuenzalida is a graduate of the University of Chile, where he earned a degree in Commercial Engineering.