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William Brewer
Project Manager

William Brewer (Will) has over 22 years of experience in development and construction management working for clients such as, Sony, Columbia TriStar, Hallmark and Disney along with a host of private equity firms and investment houses. Working effectively with both the creative teams and corporate parent staffs to bridge the gap on desired look to a structure while finding value engineering solutions for challenging budgets.  Will, in his career has successfully directed projects that have had complex scheduling and design elements integrated in their specifications.

Mr. Brewer working out of the Ventura, Ca. office is responsible for project management and business development for Binswanger Management Services. He is currently working on a new corporate headquarters for a major firm in Los Angeles that has a decades long relationship with the city.

Prior to coming on board with Binswanger, Mr. Brewer was the managing director for a construction firm based in Los Angeles. Will is a graduate of University of California in Los Angeles Construction Management program and studied Architecture at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.