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Ruben Gonzalez
Rubén González C.
Binswanger Venezuela

Rubén González, senior partner and market specialist of the Venezuela CBI team has an extensive background of more than 15 years experience in corporate real estate managing and is now heading the technical aspects of the Venezuelan facilities and real estate managing operations.

Mr González was involved in Venezuela as Group Project Manager construction and facilities installation start up of large Corporate Office Buildings such as Torre Britanica de Seguros, Centro Empresarial Parque des Este, Torre Banco Construccion Puerto La Cruz, and Torre Banco Construccion Los Teques.  Four high rise Office Buildings (1,200,000 sq. ft.) simultaneously built for rental and corporate use purposes.  Director of Operations for a large Venezuelan Financial group from 1980 until 1993 dedicated exclusively to sixty two Bank Branches nationwide and real estate property (3,000,000 sq. ft.) And serving as corporate Vice President of Facilities and Real Estate in the Development of projects in Venezuela and Miami in the United States.

Trained as an Architect at Universidad Central de Venezuela is CIV CAV certified.  Perfect bilingual English-Spanish.  Completed advanced training in Finance, Modern Managing, Communication Techniques, Direct Marketing, Executive Strategic Planning and Organized Maintenance Techniques.  He has been a Board Member of Financial Institutions in Caracas and Bogota from 1991 until 1993 and currently serves as facilities advisor to several financial, developer and design/build companies.