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How Do You Add Value?

Binswanger has advised clients from the corporate world on strategy and implementation for over 75 years. Our services range from occupancy and cost reduction strategies to market and labor analyses and selection of sites, buildings, and developers. Many of our clients enlist our assistance in formulating long term occupancy and real estate strategies prior to initiating a location or site search as well as when we seek to develop and execute asset redeployment plans. But a real challenge for many of our customers is how to define value and their contribution to it. Simply enough, one could suggest they add value by any or all of the following:

  • Aligning Business Unit Needs with Corporate Direction;
  • Providing Professional “Best Practices” Services Targeted at Supplying Business Units with Cost Competitive, Risk Managed, Real Property Solutions;
  • Such Solutions must then be Consistent with ROCE, RONA, ROTC, and/or other Performance Objectives like EVA or SVA; and
  • Meeting Project Level Customer Satisfaction Requirements Linked to Quality, Cost, and Service.

Each of us must be reminded from time to time that the corporate objective of any corporation is to provide its owners/shareholders with a competitive return on their invested capital. One must also understand that many corporations are a portfolio of investments in one or more businesses.  Accordingly, the essential issue of a corporate strategy must be to manage the portfolio to provide a desired yield of both cash and growth.  Yet, each of us must manage while remembering that corporations generally are not in the real estate business…except to implement user objectives.