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Since the creation of business, corporations have purchased a wide variety of services to support themselves. Such services affect almost every facet of our businesses including accounting, audit, legal, finance, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, facilities and real estate; we have learned much about such initiatives. From our knowledge base we have selected a few tips we feel are important to make the process more rewarding:

  • Carefully and fully review and analyze your service requirements before going forward;
  • Select a supplier with the best combination of management philosophy, technical ability, cost and relevant experience;
  • Establish and develop early-on a parallel understanding of expectations and measurements with the supplier;
  • Structure a relationship that can mature and evolve with you; and
  • Create a realistic path and transition process to avoid conflicts.

Whether you are considering purchasing planning, acquisition, management or redeployment services for an asset, a pool of assets or your portfolio as a whole, we at Binswanger have a wealth of experience in such matters.  We can help you in two distinct ways: either by offering support in the planning, acquisition, financing, construction, management, use and/or redeployment of your real estate; and/or by serving as the extension of such efforts by supplying ongoing contract services.