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Corporate Services
Understanding the Basics

Binswanger has advised clients from the corporate world on strategy and implementation for over 75 years. Our services range from occupancy and cost reduction strategies to market and labor analyses and selection of sites, buildings and developers. Many of our clients enlist our assistance in formulating long term occupancy and real estate strategies prior to initiating a location or site search as well as when we seek to develop and execute asset redeployment plans. But a real challenge for many of our customers is knowing where they fit in and how their actions impact performance.

First, understand the following about all corporations:

  • The basic objective of any corporation is to compound cash returns at a rate commensurate with the expectations of its shareholders;
  • The strategic philosophy of any corporation is thus a set of theories aimed at meeting this objective; and,
  • Strategies are individual applications of these theories and always deal with major applications of critical resources…and in the case of real estate, it's primarily capital.

One more though must be also considered:

  • Corporations tend to fund businesses, not projects; and,
  • Real estate acquisitions, dispositions, financing, construction, and allied activities tend to be projects.

We at Binswanger have helped many companies deal with projects so that our customers can remain focused on more critical strategic activities.

Corporate Services
Understanding the Dynamic

Unlike in the past, many corporations are welcoming in competent vendors who can help them identify new approaches, discover new solutions, improve competitiveness and favorably impact their performance. And while there remains a widespread appreciation for a decentralized management philosophy, there exists a similar appreciation for employing the best resources one can find that can meet or exceed expectations.

Often we have found that our customers secure such resources after prescreening and, in turn, contracting with vendors under "strategic alliance" formats so as to have available on-demand the critical resources required. Yet, more and more we find clients willing to purchase services particularly in the real estate field on a virtual basis…find the vendor and secure services as they need them.

Whichever the methodology employed, clients want to understand that you understand…listen to them! A sampling of feedback might include:

  • Clearly defining your role and the measurements of performance;
  • Differentiating between client needs versus client wants;
  • Identifying key decision drivers like cycle time or cost to employ versus cost to use;
  • The value you might bring beyond the contract terms; and,
  • Whether you maintain and share knowledge and lessons learned.

We listen to our clients as well as listen for them. Our job is not to know everything about all but rather know how to identify challenges and opportunities, find and dimension solutions, and implement and measure action plans.