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Creating the Workplace of the Future

We are experiencing a revolution in how real estate and technology create the infrastructure for doing business in the knowledge economy.

No company can afford to acquire and use real property unwisely. As real property and technology create the infrastructure for the businesses of the future, every company must link real estate decisions to corporate strategy to remain competitive. Combinations of physical and virtual space will set new standards for how companies operate and go to market - with corporate real estate viewed less as a commodity and more as a set of places to support productivity, profitability and shareholder value. Flexibility and cost-efficiency are the watchwords. Both require a commitment to consistent and strategic management of real estate as a financial asset. Real estate must be planned for and deployed to support business performance in its functional use and financial investment.

Binswanger has made a significant commitment to helping corporations effectively plan for, acquire, manage, and redeploy real property assets designed to implement user objectives whether from the high-level decisions made at the board-room level, to consulting on facility operations. We draw on wide industry experience and a global knowledge base of research and best practices:

  • Workplace Management - aligning real estate with strategic, financial and operational needs of a company, including capital and portfolio planning.
  • Strategic Asset Management - maintaining asset values. Advising on mission critical deployment issues of all types, information management and technology integration.
  • Transaction, Facilities & Construction Management - ensuring customer satisfaction and transaction value. Consulting in areas relating to real estate services, operations, project executions and transactions. We understand that corporate real estate executives are being called upon to manage greater challenges with fewer resources. Our services, as a strategic part of the overall service approach, can be an effective tool to meet these difficult objectives.

The corporate real estate professionals at Binswanger can assist a corporation, institution, and/or government in two distinct ways: by offering support in the planning, acquisition, financing, construction, management, use, and redeployment of assets to implement user objectives, or by serving as the extension of such efforts in supplying ongoing contract services.