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Binswanger has advisors and consultants capable of expert guidance on an array of real estate projects. From complete portfolio management and cost reduction strategies, to analyzing the impact of individual real estate holdings on balance sheets, we have the personnel, service suite and experience to recommend precise solutions.

The Binswanger organization offers an integrated approach to client service — one in which a full range of real estate services may be brought to each engagement by experienced professionals with technical expertise and market understanding.  Our advisory services professionals bring a unique depth of experience and insight to assist companies in planning, acquiring, managing and redeploying real estate assets needed to implement user objectives and meet both the economic and strategic needs of a corporations core businesses. 

Binswanger offers:

  • A unique approach to client services using team based account management designed to offer clients single source accountability and a rapid response capability from professionals who have in-house corporate experience;
  • A management structure willing to invest in continuing education, best practices, competitive processes, on-demand resources, tools and technology to keep our teams on the leading edge, looking for new ideas and offering more than a brokers approach to service;
  • A global alliance vendor who understands how to add value and is willing to be measured and held accountable to those measurements;
  • A vendor who will report early and often and who can communicate in your language to your clients; and
  • A team of professionals knowledgeable about industry and local practices, customs, and conditions that have and can maintain a passion for your business.

With professionals located in more than 50 countries, Binswanger has redesigned itself to meet the demands of today’s corporations, including:

  • Managing multiple geographically dispersed projects
  • A rapid response capability
  • Using the Internet as a way to more effectively manage projects and create communication between all involved parties
  • Focusing almost exclusively on corporate assets including industry specific assets in secondary and tertiary markets
  • Providing a team based approach that delivers a multi-discipline approach to problem solving

For more information regarding Binswanger's advisory services, please contact:

John Dues
Tel: 703-873-5050