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Strategic Planning Services
Our services in this area fall into two categories: facilities planning and management strategies.  In providing facilities planning advisory services, we confirm the strategic direction of the company, confirm its business investment criteria, and predict space and location requirements.  We then establish a process, including policies and procedures that will enable the client to create the right portfolio of adequate and cost efficient facilities. In providing management strategies, we evaluate current operating practices, survey alternative management approaches, and develop a selection process, which identifies an optimal organization that meets or exceeds client expectations.

Asset Management Services
Our services within this area are oriented toward individual property or portfolio actions that are consistent with the overall strategic plan for corporate real estate.  Most often, the actions include research, analysis, and implementation planning for clients.

For the most part, corporations and institutions are involved with the ownership and occupancy of real estate to meet the daily needs of their businesses and not for purposes of building wealth.  The way these assets are acquired, financed, managed, and redeployed can greatly impact broader corporate strategies and performance measures such as shareholder value, debt to equity ratios, and market share.

We focus our activities to assure our clients that user needs and financial capabilities are strategically matched and, in turn, responsive to protecting and enhancing shareholder value.

Operations and Cost Management Services
Our operational consulting services focus on the links among operational requirements, management processes, and operating real estate needs.  Additionally, this effort can include advice on organizational structure, personnel, policies and procedures, and budgeting for operating real estate.

Our goal is to simplify procedures, reduce costs, and increase speed, accuracy and control.  At the same time, we offer comprehensive analysis of the management of specific property or properties.  We can identify ways to reduce costs and improve performance in all of the National Association of Accountants (NAA) eleven accounts of occupancy.  We analyze lease agreements, property management procedures, billing and collection procedures, internal cost controls, and more.

Business Location and Transaction Services
Project/Property Management Services
Financial Services
Appraisal and Portfolio Valuation Services