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Today's Life Sciences industry has comprehensive and unique real estate requirements.  In recognition of these fundamental needs, Binswanger has partnered with leading experts in order to provide unparalleled turnkey expertise to our pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and health care clients. 

Drawing on over 75 years of experience, we offer a multi-faceted, three-fold approach featuring extensive real estate, process and engineering, and machinery and equipment services.

Turnkey Expertise

Turnkey Expertise

The Binswanger Life Sciences Special Project Group provides cutting-edge turnkey expertise via an all-encompassing approach.  By sharing contacts and relationships we have access to a vast network of resources.  For dispositions these capabilities allow us to target precise users and provide options regarding how to modify and adapt a property for alternate uses, thereby obtaining maximum value.  On the acquisition side, our expert team can apply its industry specific knowledge to streamline site selection and the due diligence process.

Every member of Binswanger's highly qualified Life Sciences team is dedicated to performance at the highest level.  They are proficient in their respective disciplines and fully recognize the extensive spectrum of variables unique to the field.  Working hard and smart, our team is poised to garner maximum return for our clients.  Whether a property must undergo process accommodations or is a true turnkey, Binswanger¹s Life Science Team can get the job done.

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