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Technology Group

  • Specializing in high-tech disposition: #1 in the semiconductor sector
  • Track record of delivering maximum return to technology leaders, including Atmel, Intel, Motorola and Hitachi
  • Offering clients a comprehensive marketing/sales approach (location consulting, engineering/design, valuation/highest-best use and brokerage)
  • We are where you need us – offices in ALL mature and emerging technology regions

Binswanger carefully monitors the status and evaluates the marketplace of high-tech facilities all around the globe, ensuring our clients are privy to the most exacting and comprehensive information available. More importantly, we remain cognizant of what facilities, regardless of their geographic location, may be coming on the market.

We are therefore able to anticipate important shifts in the industry and provide our clients with the insight they need to make critical real estate decisions. We hold a collective finger to the pulse of the high-tech industry and consistently translate our global influence and specialized knowledge into successful transactions for our clients.

Binswanger also has a thorough understanding of the paramount importance location plays for high-tech clients. For a company looking to acquire a new facility, it is vital that the locality of the building meet their stringent operational requirements. Similarly, a company disposing of a property may have to consider marketing it to alternate users if the location does not complement the needs of a high-tech company.

When disposing of a facility, it is vital that your service provider have a thorough understanding of the property’s technical features and how they relate to the needs of potential users. Skilled at handling fully operational, stateof- the-art facilities, Binswanger has brokered deals for many premier high-tech companies, including 8" and 12" wafer fabrication facilities.

Utilizing a creative approach, however, we also have an equally impressive history of generating disposition solutions for outdated 4" and 6" wafer fabrication facilities. By focusing on the inherent clean room capabilities and infrastructure of these facilities, we are able to successfully market them to users in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


Our relationship with CH2M's Electronics and Advanced Technology Group enables us to provide our hightech clients with expert engineering, construction and operations services. No matter in what corner of the world your needs may be, Binswanger, together with this preeminent high-tech engineering and design firm, will meet and exceed all the demands of your project.

Additionally, we offer a broad range of comprehensive equipment disposition solutions, including traditional negotiated sales, auctions, sealed bids, online sales and webcast sales through Liquidity Services — our preeminent strategic alliance with the world leader in auction sales and valuations of used industrial machinery and equipment. This alliance enables us to provide our clients with a one-stop, turnkey experience that will streamline the disposition process and garner maximum return.

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