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About Us

 President, Binswanger International Worldwide network of Fortune 500 senior management enhances marketing ability of Technology Group
 Vice President / Managing Director Utilizes industry experience to understand client's strategic business perspective
 Realty Group Global network with proven technology experience in
mature and emerging markets
 Engineering/Design As a world leader in Technology manufacturing engineering/design we can insure the seller and/or buyer understand costs to retrofit, reuse and decommission asset
 Equipment Disposition International capability in equipment redeployment, allows client to sell fully operational property
 Strategic Planning Impact of location and local infrastructure on asset value/marketability
Construction and Property Management Provides turnkey capability for medium sized projects
 Appraisal and Portfolio Valuation Highest and best or alternative use studies help client market to wider range of buyers
 Financial Services Mortgage and financial mechanisms for buyers needing
assistance in this arena
 Rittenhouse Marketing Preparation and execution of customized, targeted
programs aid in achieving client's goals