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Williamston, North Carolina

Modern 375,544 sq. ft., single-story, industrial facility on 49.95 acres





Main production room is approximately
492' x 490’



Floor:        6” reinforced concrete    

Walls:        Brick on block and cinderblock

Columns:  Steel H columns

Roof:         TPO single ply white membrane

                  roof circa 2001-2003 over built-up

                  tar and gravel on insulated
                  concrete and steel decking 



Primarily 30' x 38’ in the main production area    



Approximately 18' 9" clear below the bar joists at the front of the building, 20’ clear below the bar joist in the center and approximately

17’ 3” clear to 16’ clear on the rear wall of the main production area. The attached opening area is approximately 16' 3" clear. The cotton storage and bailing rooms are approximately 19’ – 20’ clear and the receiving dock is 19’ clear. The packing and shipping area is approximately 15’ clear



T-8 and metal halide



Supplied by Town of Williamston

12” main; 4” domestic line; 12” line feeds the water tank; 10” line feeds 10” sprinkler loop  



Supplied by Town of Williamston

12” main; 8” line 



Available from Piedmont Natural Gas; 6” distribution main is located approximately two miles south of the property



Supplied by Dominion Power; substation installed new in December

2015 receives 12,470 volts and transmits it to nine interior switchgear panels, seven of which are 4,000 AMP 480/277 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire and two of which are 3,000 AMP 480/277 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire.  



The production area is air-conditioned and humidity controlled by four Trane Centravac chillers totaling 2200 tons and multiple pad mounted and roof mounted air washers. Package units heat and cool the front office area Suspended heaters in opening and warehouse areas.



100% wet system – density is .3/2500

On site 300,000 gallon elevated water storage tank



Four 150 HP Gardner Denver compressors with Hankinson and Parker dryers. One 200 HP Gardner Denver Electra-Saver compressor with Nano dryer



Attached front office including private offices, open administrative areas,

restrooms and break areas.  Additional production and testing offices serve the production area



Receiving area has one 8’ x 10’ ramp-up drive-in door and three 8' x 9’ manual rollup doors with levelers; Shipping area has one 8’ x 10’ manual rollup door with leveler and seal and three 8’ x 8’ manual dock high doors with levelers and seals



Paved and marked parking for approximately 225 vehicles



The facility fronts on US Hwy 125, approximately three miles north of interstate quality US Hwy 64. A bypass of Hwy 125 is scheduled to be completed by 2020 with close proximity to the Parkdale property    





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