Who We Are Case Studies

Demonstrating Global Reach

Client: Unilever
Sector: Food
Service Type: Brokerage Services
Square Feet: 429,991
Location: Tucson, AZ


In 2005, the well-known company Unilever, hired Binswanger to exclusively represent them in the sale of a property used to manufacture their product, Slimfast. The property in Tucson, Arizona was a 429,991 square foot food grade facility on 85 acres and boasted office space, a truck loading area and desirable rail access. However, as with any large and highly specialized industrial facility, finding a local or even a U.S. buyer could prove to be a challenge. Binswanger would need to consider alternative uses if a buyer in the food industry could not be identified.


Even though there would be a limited number of buyers within the food industry that would be interested in a Tucson, Arizona location, Binswanger also knew that liquidating the existing processing and packaging equipment would take time and additional resources. The team decided it would be best to find a “like use” buyer – and expand their search overseas. The team got to work with an International marketing plan and developed materials that showcased the Tucson, Arizona area and the property to perspective international companies. The team then leveraged Binswanger’s contacts around the world to spread the word about the impressive U.S. based food grade facility.


In just 18 months, Binswanger was able to dispose of the Unilever facility to the Mexican based La Costeña, which manufactures food products and was interested in expanding to their first U.S. facility. Included in the sale to La Costeña was Unilever’s production equipment. Since opening their U.S. plant in 2006, La Costeña continues to make acquisitions and thrive in new markets. Binswanger has continued to demonstrate its global reach, a key reason clients like Unilever come to us today.