Commercial Real Estate Broker of the Year: Meet the Finalists


At the end of this month, D CEO will announce the winners of its ninth annual Commercial Real Estate Awards program. Leading up to the big reveal, we’re featuring all 83 finalists (51 projects and deals and 32 professionals), one category at a time. Today, we’re sharing excerpts from interviews with the five Broker of the Year honorees. 

Holmes Davis IV


WHY REAL ESTATE: “My father was a pioneer in the real estate business in Charlotte, North Carolina, where I grew up. He formally introduced me to the profession when I was 16, and I actually started coldcalling on companies throughout the state. Needless to say, I am grateful to him for that, as I was fortunate to find a passion for a career so early in life. 

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT IT: “I enjoy 100 percent of it, but what I enjoy most  are the personal and business relationships that I have been able to develop over my 33 years in the business. Most everyone I have worked withfrom clients to developers to economic development officials to brokershave become some of my closest friends. 

LESSONS LEARNED: “Pick a career that you love, stay humble and grateful at all times, and never burn a bridge. 

2020 HIGHLIGHTS: “It’s hard to pinpoint one specific deal or transaction because any deal getting done in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic is obviously something to be proud of. Overall, I would say maintaining the focus in helping my clients achieve their ultimate goals during some of the most challenging times we will ever see in our lives has been very satisfying.” 

LOOKING AHEAD: “Besides the pandemic hopefully coming to an end soon, the most exciting thing about the future is that DallasFort Worth continues to be considered. It’s one of the top five markets in the world for corporate relocations, from corporate headquarters to manufacturing and distribution facilities. DFW also continues to see investor and developer interest. Given our location in the center of the U.S., multimodal transportation infrastructure, probusiness attitude, population growth, superior workforce, and overall costs of doing business, I firmly believe this growth trend will continue for many years to come. 

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